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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00. the queen's new year's honours list is dominated by britian's olympic and paralympic stars — including andy murray, mo farah and lee pearson. i'm nbelievably shocked and honoured — excuse the pun! i've been through so many emotions once i received the letter. fear, excitement. and from the world of entertainment there are knighthoods for ken dodd, the actor mark rylance, and the opera singer, bryn terfel. almost three quarters of the people on the honours list, are recognised for work in their local community. like sylvia morris. we set out to continue the initiative of my late daughter, who agreed to front a campaign on the day she was diagnosed with leukaemia which resulted in thousands of people joining which resulted in thousands of peoplejoining the bone marrow register and lots of money being raised. dozens of flights cancelled and delayed at heathrow and gatwick
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after overnight fog causes severe travel disruption. security is stepped up across the uk for new year crowds and celebrations after the deadly lorry attacks in germany and france. there'll be police officers, stewarts, there will be a search regime in place and people need to give extra time on the day so they can come and have a safe and enjoyable event. and it is new year down under. new zealand welcomes in 2017 in a style with a spectacular fireworks display. and in half an hour, dateline london looks ahead to 2017. good morning and welcome to bbc news. more than 100 olympic and paralympic stars have been recognised in the new year honours list, with knighthoods for andy murray and mo farah. jessica ennis—hill and rower katherine grainger have received
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damehoods, while gold medal—winning paralympian lee pearson has also been knighted. andy swiss has the details. at the end of a glittering yearfor british sport, for five of its greatest stars, the greatest of honours. first, a knighthood for the man who spent 2016 scaling dizzying new heights. commentator: wimbledon champion again, a supreme performance. after winning a second wimbledon, a second olympics and the world number one spot, it's now sir andy murray, a fitting finish to a remarkable season. there's also a new title for mo fa rah‘s collection. gold for great britain again! the double double. he described his knighthood as "a dream come true." having come to britain as an eight—year—old from somalia, he added, he could never have imagined it. another athletics star, meanwhile, becomes a dame. london 2012 heptathlon champion,
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jessica ennis—hill, who retired this year. there's also a damehood for rower katherine grainger. after five medals at five consecutive 0lympics, the perfect ending to her career. it's not something i ever thought i would get, but what a great time to get it. it's the end of a 20—year career for me in competing for my country, and it's a lovely way to bring the curtain down. and there's a knighthood for one of britain's top paralympians. dressage rider lee pearson won his 11th gold medal in rio. he told mejust he told me just what becoming a surly person meant to him. it means loads. i'm unbelievably shocked and honoured. excuse the pun. i hope it doesn't change my life, i don't think it will. it won't change me. but it has taken a lot of getting used to. -- sir lee pearson. among the other honours, two sporting couples. cbes for cyclists jason
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and laura kenney, while hockey gold—medallists kate and helen richardson—walsh become an 0be and mbe respectively. and after their impressive run at euro 2016, wales football manager chris coleman becomes an 0be, and his northern ireland counterpart michael 0'neill, an mbe. just a few of more than 100 sporting figures honoured for a memorable 12 months. stars of showbusiness including ken dodd and patricia routledge have also been included in the honours list. they're among more than 1,000 people to have been recognised, as our entertainment correspondent, lizo mzimba, reports. # happiness... # he's been one of britain's favourite entertainers for more than half a century. now ken dodd has received a knighthood. the best day ever, you can't get better than this. i've played lots of big theatres, i've worked abroad, but this is it. this is the day, yes. i'm very, very proud. actress patricia routledge,
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she's been made a dame. # yeah, you really got me going # you got me so i don't know what i'm doing... # kinks frontman ray davies said he felt "humility and joy" to become sir ray. lady anne. a knighthood too for award—winning actor mark rylance. figures from fashion and design have also been recognised. american vogue editor anna wintour said she was touched to be made a dame. designer victoria beckham becomes an 0be. and oscar—winning costume designer jenny bevan says she is supposed to be made and 0be. i'm not entirely sure it's sunk in
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yet. whether it has an impact other than just yet. whether it has an impact other thanjust being yet. whether it has an impact other than just being a very nice of recognition. it really pleasing. blonde actress naomi harris also becomes an 0be. as in previous years, the vast majority of owners have gone to people being recognised for work in their local community. the former bishop of liverpool, james jones, chaired the hillsborough independent panel, set up in 2009. he says he feels mixed emotions for being knighted for his families to —— for his service to families, bereavement and justice. it is mixed with sadness because of the enduring sadness for the families who have continued to feel the loss of their loved ones at hillsborough. he's one of hundreds and recognised for their contribution across the uk. air passengers are facing delays and cancellations out of heathrow and gatwick airports today, after heavy fog overnight and yesterday. 45 flights have been
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cancelled at heathrow airport and there are delays at gatwick airport. yesterday more than 150 flights were cancelled. the met office says driving conditions will be difficult in many areas of central, eastern and south—east england until lunchtime, although conditions are improving. 0ur correspondent, angus crawford, is at heathrow airport. this really is in a sense the morning after the fog before. we've had three days of very heavy freezing fog which has had serious effects on disrupting travel across the south—east of england. something like 200 flights were cancelled yesterday. 30,000 people were affected. as you can see, we can now see the control tower behind me across the apron. at seven o'clock this morning, we couldn't. conditions are lifting and things are improving. but the big thing is that many of the aircraft and crew are simply in the wrong places because of the disruption yesterday. that means there are still carry on
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a fax, even though the fog is not too bad. —— carry on effects. something like 50 flights have been cancelled outside and into heathrow today. also planes are coming in at a slower rate than they would normally. they're separated by a larger amount of time for safety and security. at gatwick there were also some delays. and we know that london city airport, which closes as normal for its weekend closure, its curfew over one o'clock, there have been quite a lot of diversions and cancellations there. the simple advice is to anyone thinking of travelling today — check with your airline early. if your flight is cancelled, they will get you on another one but not necessarily the next one. around 3,000 police officers will be on duty across central london tonight, as crowds gather to celebrate the new year. greater manchester police and other forces say they've also stepped up crowd protection measures. scotland yard says extra resources have been brought in to keep people safe following the terror attacks in berlin and nice earlier this year.
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richard lister reports. the metropolitan police say there is no specific intelligence about an attack in london, but it has been looking at the tragic events in berlin and nice and has adjusted its plans for new year's eve accordingly. some 3,000 officers will be on the streets of the capital as part of the package of measures to maintain security. we carefully planned this operation with partners including the london mayor's office, westminster council and others to make sure people can come into london and have a fantastic time. when they come, give us extra time because there will be a search regime in place. there will be 3,000 officers on duty in central london alone and there will be stewards as well. the police federation says there will be more armed officers on patrol in london this year than in previous years and more areas where vehicles will be banned. greater manchester police and other forces say they have stepped up crowd protection measures in the wake of the berlin attack.
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german chancellor angela merkel has said that 2016 was a year of "severe tests" for her country — the biggest being islamist extremism. in a new year address, she insisted that germany's democratic values were stronger than terrorism, and that it was important for the country to help those who needed protection. at least 21 people have been killed in two bomb explosions at a busy market in the iraqi capital, baghdad. dozens more were wounded in the blasts, which happened near shops in the al—sinak district, according to police. an iraqi interior ministry official is quoted as saying one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber, the other by a planted device. the motives are not known and no group has yet claimed responsibility. the un security council will meet later to consider a russian resolution endorsing the ceasefire agreement in syria. the draft text calls for access for humanitarian aid convoys and expresses support for a political process to end the conflict. rebel groups have accused the
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syrian government of repeated violations of the ceasefire. the first minister of scotland has used her new year's message to insist she is determined to respect scotland's vote to remain within the european union. nicola sturgeon said it was her top priority to ensure scotland retained many of the benefits of eu membership as possible, including the freedom to work, travel and study in other member states. we're also working to explore the opportunities are so many people in scotland now take for granted. we're determined that scotland's vote to remain in the european union will be respected, and that people in scotland can retain as many of the benefits of eu membership as possible — including the freedom to work travel and study other european countries. the new year is inevitably a time when we look to the future. i'm determined to ensure that we give our children and our young people scotland's future. the support and care
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they need to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. and i'm confident that in 2017 we will make further progress towards that goal. 40% of councils in england have no procedures in place to prosecute people who misuse disabled parking permits. new analysis of official figures found that in 61 local authorities blue badges could be used fraudulently without fear of being fined. the finding been described as "staggering" by a disability charity. leanne brown reports. you're taking the badge off me? offices in 0xfordshire checked hundreds of blue badges during a three—day operation over the festive season. many were confiscated because they were not being used by the owner. it is something that we need to enforce. we need to make sure that people are using their badges correctly so that people can get to the shops who need to get to the shops and are disabled. fines of up to £1,000 could be given
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to those who abuse the system but the department of transport says 61 out of 152 local authorities don't have a policy when it comes to prosecution. where legal action was taken, almost all involved were using someone else's blue badge. disability charity scope has called the figures labelled staggering and says more needs to be done to tackle the fraud. a spokesman representing local authorities say they do take it seriously and are working hard to combat blue badge misuse. earlier i spoke to james taylor, head of policy at the charity scope, who described the blue badges as a lifeline for many users. blue badges are vitally important for around 2 million disabled people today. the blue badge scheme enables disabled people to live independently. it enables them to get to the shops, get to work, take children and families to school. and park near places that they need to get to.
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ultimately, the scheme enables them to take part in their local community and contribute to the local economy. so it's vital for many disabled people. were you as shocked as i was in reading these figures — 61 out of 152 councils just don't enforce it? yeah, at scope we think it's staggering that many councils aren't taking seriously prosecution for misuse of the blue badge. as mentioned, it's a lifeline for many disabled people and it's clear that much more needs to be done by many more councils. they certainly prosecute other people for parking, i have to say. yeah, absolutely. i think misuse can take many forms. it can be using a stolen badge. it can be altering a badge. but the majority of the cases of people using someone else's badge. fines of £1,000 are available, but that is no deterrent if the policies aren't in place in the first place. that's an interesting point, because you could say if someone who has a badge quite legally gives it to someone else who uses it in the wrong way — should they be penalised, to? the rules state that the owner of the badge has to be
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in the vehicle at some point when using the badge. and it's clear that the majority of the cases, that isn't happening where the prosecution is taking place. now, disabled people rely on these badges and misuse and abuse of the system is stopping many from living independently. i suppose the other thing is we don't really know how often these badges are fraudulently used. if councils are not enforcing it, you don't know. we don't have the figures. exactly. and we want to see at scope more consistency across the country on how data is used and how it's reported. it's quite clear that some councils are doing really good work, but there are many who need to be doing much more. the other point about this is it brings a whole system into disrepute because if any driver sees somebody using a blue badge, you don't want them to think this person doesn't deserve to use it for all of the reasons you've said. yeah, absolutely. this is a lifeline for many disabled people and we need to stop misuse of blue badges. the headlines on bbc news... more than 100 stars of the olympics
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and paralympics are recognised in the new year's honours list including andy murray, mo farah and lee pearson. dozens of flights from heathrow and gatwick are cancelled and delayed as overnight fog causes travel disruption.. security and delayed as overnight fog causes travel disruption. . security is stepped up across the uk for new year crowds and celebrations after the deadly lorry attacks in germany and france.. now for a full round—up of the week and's sport. and we have just been hearing, and we havejust been hearing, andy murray's been made a knight in the new year's honours list. he celebrated by winning his third place play—off at the championship in abu dhabi this morning. he suffered a shock defeat to david goffin yesterday — having won their previous five meetings. but today he beat milos raonic of canada in straight sets, as he prepares for the first grand slam of the year — the australian open in a couple of weeks' time. he spoke about his new knighted.
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i feel like andy murray. it feels more normal to me. it's obviously a big honour to me, more normal to me. it's obviously a big honourto me, i'm happy. i'm happy with that, a nice way to finish. the new year. it's the old firm derby at ibrox this lunchtime, and celtic could extend their lead over rangers to 19 points in the scottish premiership if they win. celtic are unbeaten in 23 domestic matches this season and it's their last game before the winter break in scotland. we've had a really tough month of nine games — seven of which we've won, one we drew in the champions league. we want to win the game, of course. whatever way the result goes for us, we've had a brilliant opening period to the season. we will go away, reenergise and refocus and be better in the second part of the season. and here are the other fixtures in the scottish premiership for you this afternoon. aberdeen arejust two points behind rangers now after they beat hearts yesterday.
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bottom side callie thistle face ross county. it's a busy day in the premier league with top billing going to second placed liverpool against manchester city, who are third. city will be boosted by the return of striker sergio aguero, back from a four match ban. he is ready. he came back good from argentina. yeah, finally came back after a seven—day ban. we are happy he's back. i hate pep guardiola gave him the opportunity to have 3.5 weeks of someone opportunity to have 3.5 weeks of someone with nice weather. argentina has good weather! can only score goals of somebodyjust the ball. he needs easy passes, i would so. we
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can defend. and here are the other premier league fixtures for your enjoyment this afternoon — manchester united will be looking to close the gap on tottenham with a win over middlesbrough at old trafford. leaders chelsea face stoke, while bottom side swansea take on bournemouth. raymond van barneveld knocked out phil ‘the power‘ taylor in the quarterfinals of the pdc world darts championship. in what was billed as the "el classico" of darts, the dutchman saw off taylor by five sets to three at alexandra palace. he'll play world number one michael van gerwen in the semis. to rugby union, and george north will return for northampton saints in their premiership match at gloucester tomorrow. it will be the welshman‘s first game since suffering a head injury against leicester on december the 3rd. that was north's fifth concussion in two years — including two in the match on your screen now between england and wales in february 2015. a review board said north shouldn't have continued to play against leicester, but they didn't sanction northampton. and finally, ronda rousey earned $3 million this morning in a ufc fight that was over in
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just 48 seconds in las vegas. rousey was making her comeback to the sport, but she was beaten inside the first minute by the defending champion amanda nunes. rousey is known as one of greatest mixed martial arts fighters in the history of the sport, but it now looks like her career has come to an end. that'll be sportsmen, and for the weather. let's get more now on the queen's new year's honours. and it's not only sporting stars and celebrities who are being recognised. 0ne one of the youngest is 17—year—old jeremiah emanuel who has been awarded for services to seek unity in london. it's an amazing honour, being part of such an amazing list with some amazing people. iwas of such an amazing list with some amazing people. i was shocked when i found out i was nominated for the queen's on. it means so much. you do
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a tremendous amount of work. how busy does that make you and what motivates? i get really, really busy doing the work that i do. just knowing that you're helping so many different people in the community, knowing that your inspiring people to do the same, i think that is what motivates you drive the andrea raggi to carry on the work that i do. what you think all of the people that you work with will make of this when they find out how you been honoured? i think it will be a really, really good just... just a good thing that's happening for all of us. i hope it can be a turning point for the work that we do. i would say it's only the beginning. from working in the local communities to the rest of the uk, and then taking it international. it's about bringing change. how hard has it been to keep things a secret for the last few weeks? it has been really
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hard. i kept it in the family. hopefully i can inspire people by receiving the award. how important is it for young people to have a voice and how powerful can that was the? i think it is so, voice and how powerful can that was the? ithink it is so, so important for young people to have a voice. we are the future and i think a lot of people forget that sometimes — especially when it comes to working on things that affect us from politics to our everyday lives. hopefully a 17—year—old receiving the queen's honour can be an inspiration to other young people to wa ke inspiration to other young people to wake up and say, today i can bring a change to my community. that is one of those honoured today. joining me now from his home in wallasey is the reverend robert towers nelson, who has been awarded an mbe for his work with the homeless on the wirral. congratulations. thank you, good morning. good morning. let's begin with your work. tell us about that for which you have received this
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honour. the citation is for work with homeless people and the community of wearable. the main focus of that will be my work with homeless people. i instigated and co—founded a homeless project 25 yea rs co—founded a homeless project 25 years ago, and it has become since then having started as just a temporary night shelter for six weeks in the winter, it has now become a permanent institution in wirral, playing a major role in shelton and homeless people and finding them new price next four life in the community, and helping them to rehabilitate. with that experience, looking back over 25 yea rs, experience, looking back over 25 years, ijust wondered how you experience, looking back over 25 years, i just wondered how you feel demand for your services has changed? demand for your services has changed ? has demand for your services has changed? has it been particularly acute over the last seven or eight
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yea rs acute over the last seven or eight years since we have the economic downturn? it has got worse, the problem has got worse. we aren't able to accommodate all the demand that exists. we also act as a gateway for various other projects in the locality where people might be moved onto. but the general level of demand is high and all our own beds are pretty well almost full. we are accommodating 27 people in our main hostel shelter. we also have 72—macro bedroom houses around the community. and another unit which has six bedsit in it. —— we also have seven two—bedroom houses. congratulations and good luck with your work. thank you very much. i'd like to thank all the people. earlier i spoke to sylvia morris who's been made an mbe for her work improving the lives of people with leukaemia and their families. improving the lives of people with leukaemia and theirfamilies. her daughter karen died of the disease.
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she explained to me how the charity was formed. we set out to continue the initiative of my late daughter who agreed to fund a campaign on the day she was diagnosed with leukaemia, which resulted in thousandsjoining the bone marrow register and lots of money being raised. she passed away a year later and we formalised our fundraising into she passed away a year later and we formalised ourfundraising into our trust. we identified the need for homes from home as people travel long distance to centres of excellence to be treated for leukaemia. obviously, you didn't do this to get an honour, but it is lovely to get wrong, isn't it? this to get an honour, but it is lovely to get wrong, isn't mm this to get an honour, but it is lovely to get wrong, isn't it? it is absolutely overwhelming. but this honour is really for karen. it's in her memory. at herfuneral honour is really for karen. it's in her memory. at her funeral it was said that her book was still open. i was really angry and upset because i thought, she has passed away, how can her book be still open? but it
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is still open. lots of our supporters today were her friends. she was a popular youth leader. they we re she was a popular youth leader. they were affected by her leadership. and it's keeping her memory alive — just not in the way we would want. now the weather with matt taylor. tha nkfully now the weather with matt taylor. thankfully the fog is not quite as big, extensive or long—lasting as it has been. it does make for a day. cloudy conditions this afternoon as the persistent rain in the highlands makes its way towards the forth clyde valley and the north coast of modern ireland before the day is out. breezy with low temperatures. towards midnight, the heaviest of the rain will clear. cod conditions with one or two wintry showers in the north will stop mild but cloudy in the south. many will be dry to see in the new year. it doesn't last
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long — for new year's day there will be rain. icardi andante in wales, central and southern england. wet snow mixed in over higher ground. a cold afternoon here and one or two wintry flurries can be expected. this is bbc news with gavin esler. in a moment, dateline london, but first the headlines. the queen's new year's honours list is dominated by britian‘s 0lympic and paralympic stars, including andy murray, mo farah and lee pearson. i feel more still like andy murray, feels obviously more normal to me, but obviously it's a big honour. happy with that, nice way to finish or start the new year. and from the world of entertainment there are knighthoods for ken dodd, the actor, mark rylance, and the opera singer, bryn terfel. 45 flights from heathrow
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are cancelled and there are delays at gatwick as fog continues to affect central, eastern and southern england, driving conditions in some areas are said to be treacherous. and it's new year down under, new zealand welcomes in 2017 in style with a spectacular firework display. hello, and welcome to dateline london's look ahead to 2017. what a joyful year it's going to be. britain will move calmly towards brexit, the european union will solve all its problems with migration, unemployment and insolvent banks, donald trump will begin a glorious four years as president,
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the middle east will finally be at peace, and we can all dream. back in the real world, let's hear what our expert panel think. i'm joined by stryker mcguire of bloomberg markets, abdel bari atwan who is a writer and broadcaster on arab affairs, agnes poirier of marianne, and steve richards who is a british political commentator. britain first, to coin a phrase, and we can all predict that article 50 will indeed be invoked by march, beginning the formal process of leaving the european union. but where will brexit, and indeed the eu, be by the end of 2017? with political change in france and italy, and possibly in germany too. what do we think is going to happen? i think 2017 will be much more difficult than this artificial period we've been living through prior to the triggering of article 50. all kinds of things have been read into what has happened since the referendum.
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